My Final Reflection-Digital Communications

Before Digital Communications:

Digital Literacy was something I didn’t think twice about before August.

Usability was how easy for me to work technology compared to when I taught grandparents to text.

Interacting was joking, laughing, and hanging out with my friends.

Team Work was my cheerleading stunt group when we threw a flyer up in the air in sync and then all caught her when she came down.

My voice was what people heard when I answered the phone.

Now that I have experienced Digital Communications:

My views have transformed. It has opened my eyes to the digital world. digital_world_with_laptops_0 To me, digital literacy consists of usability, interaction, voice, visuals, and teamwork, but with different meanings.

Usability and Interaction:

I have learned that the location of information, search tools and navigation, as well as contact information on a site is not random. Everything is strategically placed and studies go behind website design to place the most important information where the eyes look first. Everything online attempts to be accessible to people of all ages and capabilities, and if it isn’t, they aren’t doing it right. There are rules to follow when it comes to making a post online and a lot more goes behind it than one would think. One of the things I did on my website to increase usability was link the same things in multiple places. My resume had options to print at the top and bottom. I also linked to my work in my information paragraphs as well as in my pictures, so that no matter what kind of a viewer is looking through my site, they get to where I want them to go. Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 12.31.21 AM This leads me to interactivity. It’s all about clicking. I used to click mindlessly around the Internet, but now I see that it has a purpose, a bigger picture. On my blog I linked to many credible sources so the reader could learn as much as they wanted to learn. I even linked to books about the topic if they wanted to go more in-depth in the subject. Linking was something I struggled to incorporate at the beginning, but as the course went on I believe it improved and it gave me more credibility.


Another big part of my fScreen Shot 2014-12-14 at 12.32.47 AMinal project was teamwork. I have worked with many teams, but never a digital one. Who knew how much time and effort goes into making a simple podcast or just a few minute movie? I learned that many different ideas and visions come up while working and you really have to have a clear path and leadership abilities to work through them. One great thing to do is to create a storyboard.

My Voice:

I never thought I would have trouble finding my voice , but attempting to express my personality, self, and skills thorough just words on a page rather than in person was hard for me. Once I found it thScreen Shot 2014-12-14 at 12.33.36 AMough, my favorite expression of it was my website. I got to have fun with color and a logo. When I couldn’t decide what color to make my logo, because I actually like them all, I asked my best friend and she responded, “pink, that color basically sums up your life”. My voice has definitely grown throughout the course and I hope to continue to develop it throughout the years.

In the Future:

I would like to continue to improve my skills in photoshop as well as premiere because I think having the capability to use them really sets you apart. I am very appreciative of this class and will never be able to watch a movie again without thinking about how much time, editing, and thought went into it. Social Media


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