The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media

Social Media is EVERYWHERE! But how do you use it the right way?


Help from David:

David Dubois explains it like a coffee shop. Everyone has a favorite coffee shop, if they drink the stuff. But, why is this particular place your favorite? Is it the people, scene, coffee? Think about it and then compare it to a social network site.

coffeeYou want your site to be yours viewers favorite place it. Make it their  virtual hangout with fresh, hot content, just like you like your coffee!

Also, keep timelines in mind… you don’t want to wait hours for that cappuccino, so don’t make your audience wait for a response either. Interaction is a key in social media and if we maintain a quick response, viewers are likely to come back, satisfied.

Share your content:

Great content is key, but without anyone aware of it, what’s the point? It is very important to get your content out there. Make it widely distributed, BUT be careful that you match the environment you are in. Don’t hand out a hot pink, heart shaped flyer at a football game, save that for Valentine’s day. Adding humor or emotion will also appeal to an audience. Also, give your advertisement practical value and people will be more likely to connect with you.

Use the appropriate type of Social Media:

The Kelley School of Business teaches us that some sites are for connecting existing relationships, like Skype, whereas others are to bond strangers in a social media relationship, like blogs. Make sure you are using the right outlet for your type of message. Building relationships is important for bloggers, which relates back to David when we mentioned replying in a timely manner. By building new relationships, new communities can form that wouldn’t have outside of media because of distance perhaps. Social media is a great outlet to connect will all types of people in all types of places.


The Honey Comb of Social Media allow you to see the building blocks of social media, not all have to be used, but they are here to allow us to make sense of how different levels of social media functionally can be configured- Kelley School of Business

The 4 C’s:

Lastly, remember the four C’s.

  1. Cognize: recognize and understand your social media landscape
  2. Congruity: develop strategies that are in correlation with the goals of the firm
  3. Curate: Act as the curator of your content and interactions
  4. Chase: Constantly chase information, keep that coffee fresh and hot

Good luck!


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