Creating Video Magic: How to Make a Good Video

Do You Believe in Magic?


TV is one source of video that makes us want to watch

Magic is in videos because they contain the power to make us STOP and watch. Videos draw us in, they intrigue our interests, they make us watch them without losing interest. They have a power that other sources of media simply do not. BUT, they only contain this power if they are done right.

Types of Moving Graphics:

We must first understand the different forms of video:

  • Video– real time, moving objects
  • Animation– think cartoons
  • Motion Graphics– 3D effects, when the title spins or weaves on the screen
  • Software Simulation– Models instructions, for example:  showing a screen with a moving mouse demonstrating a task
  • Games- can entertain and educate
  • Photo Slide Shows- show people best and provide an emotional experience
  • Digital Storytelling– personal stories  or educational purposes

The Next Step- Story Board:

The key to a good video is planning. To plan well, create a story board which creates a specific and detailed timeline.

When creating a story board here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Make sure you have a beginning, middle, and end
  • Clearly establish responsibilities for your team
  • Make sure the time put in pays off in planning an end result
  • Create an agreement among members so you stay on track

Story boards can be made in simple three-column format, on a powerpoint, or hand-drawn.

Here is a helpful video for more insight on making a story board:

Script Writing:

A script is KEY in videos. Scripts explain setting, theme, action, description… every context that you might need. They also prevent the ums, ahs, or likes that get placed into sentences as fillers. Make sure it sets the scene, describes the setting, and doesn’t sound forced or “written” and you are good to go!

Guidelines for Video:

Here are common mistakes to avoid when making a video:

  • Zooming in and out too fast
  • Not using enough sound
  • Taking more than 3 seconds per slide on a photo slideshow
  • Leaving out transitions
  • Overdoing the number of scenes
  • Don’t have a boring narrator

All in all keep your videos fun! Allow your viewers to get involved and be intrigued by your video by taking the time to in your story board to keep them in mind. Make sure you keep it simple and do not overdo effects or noises just because they are available. But, most of all enjoy the work you do. If it isn’t enjoyable for you chances are it won’t be for your audience either.




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