Transformation of Television Content over 60 Years

TV Timeline

Drama, action, suspense, humor… all the elements that interest us and are on our favorite TV shows. Television is a part of our daily lives and advertisements are a part of TV. They both catch our attention and draw us in. How could they not though, they are ALWAYS on. Restaurants, the gym, bars, stores, even at hair and nail salons, it’s on. We have become creatures dependent on TV. But, what has TV become?

In my flickr slideshow linked below, you can watch how  TV transforms.

In the 60s until around the 80s TV and advertisements were:

  • Family Friendly
  • Appropriate
  • Characters were modestly dressed
  • Nudity was not an option

From the 2000s to present day, TV and advertisements are:

  • Censored and rated, no longer family friendly
  • Inappropriate
  • Characters are in little to nothing
  • Nudity is allowed

Coexistence of the Two:

Television and Advertisements correlate. TV draws in the viewers and ads pay for the viewing to happen. They  both have the same goal however, to get viewers hooked and wanting more. When one transforms, so will the other.

TV  has strayed from Daisy May in the modest one piece to Naomi Clarke in her show all bikini in a matter of just 50 years. The regulation of TV has changed at a slow pace, but with each decade passing has gotten more and more scandalous and society has become more and more accepting.

On Gilligan’s Island, Mary Ann had to keep her belly button covered, but now we see a lot more than belly buttons on Dating Naked. Times have changed in Television which means they have as well in advertisements.

Lets look at Budweiser Beer:

Just like television the advertisements went from family friendly to vulgar and inappropriate.

Just like television the advertisements went from family friendly to vulgar and inappropriate.


My collage here shows the transformation clearly. In the 60s, just like Gilligan’s Island, what is being shown is appropriate for all viewers. As we go to the late 80s, women are in one piece suit, just like Baywatch. Finally, with the last ad, the women resemble Naomi Clarke on 90210, bikinis are the way to go and now accepted.

Advertisements and television will continue to feed off each other in America, but hopefully society will take a stand against these vulgar ones. If nothing is done, we will have a lot more shows like Dating Naked and the Discovery Channel show Naked and Afraid, and a lot less family fun shows like Beverly Hillbillies and Dukes of Hazzard.



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